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Welcome topiattresearchers.net

This is a free site for genealogists researching the Piatt and related families (all spellings).  Information on this site is submitted by other researchers.  Contributions are always welcome!

Every attempt has been made to make this site user-friendly.  The People section includes information on specific persons related to the family, as well as submitted family group sheets and gedcoms.  We encourage you to use this information as a guide to your own research.  Please do your own documentation.  This site is not a primary source.

The Places section is about places the Piatts were and are.  It also includes research locations and information on resources in those areas.

The Documents section contains scanned and/or transcribed source documents for public use.

Please feel free to browse all sections as desired. If you would like to submit something or have further questions, Please don't hesitate to Contact Us! 
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UPDATE:  Due to server problems (our host lost ALL of our original content) this page has been moved to new servers. Some elements may be missing or outdated. Please email info@piattresearchers.net if you have corrections or additions.

Please visit the DNA PROJECT PAGE !  Update from Laverne from Feb. 2006 now included.

Thank you to all of our supporters.


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Attention Returning Researchers
Please go to the master index and search for your ancestor...if he/she is not there, please consider submitting your information to be included here!


New Projects Projects under developement for this site include:
Transcription from Newspapers 
Amassing all census information for this surname in all spellings; see the documents section. 
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