Event Schedule

June 13, 2015  Event schedule

Doors open at noon

Speaker Schedule:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  No audio or video recording of the speakers will be permitted without expressed permission of the speaker.

12:10  Robin Bellamy (with John Mizzi if available) Introduction to Paranormal Research

1:00-1:30  UFOlogist Richard Dolan (live via Skype)

2:00-3:00 Christopher Laursen, Historian of Extraordinary Experiences

3:30-4:00 Cryptozoologist Nick Redfern (live via Skype)

4:30-5:30  Joanna Emery, Crop Circle Specialist

6:00-7:00  Dr. Brian Parsons  The E4 Method

7:00-8:00  John Sabol   You don’t want to miss this one!

Vendor Areas are open from Noon to 8pm

Ghost Walk 8pm-9pm  Tour the Museum grounds and hear the stories from the past–including the ghost stories! The Museum is housed in the Old Kinghorn School SS #23 built in 1861 with modern additions added in the 1960’s.  Also on the tour are the King Christian Church built 1851 and the King Railway Station built 1852.  King Station is known as Ontario’s oldest surviving train station.
Included in the tour is a “Ghost Excavation” by John Sabol!

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