It’s Time

Hubby, son and I are staying in a college dorm near the venue for the weekend, as our home is over an hour away.  I was wide awake at 6am, and have been watching out the window as the biggest skunk I have ever seen roots around in the field below.  I’m far enough away that I’m in no danger or being sprayed, nor can I even smell him.  From here it’s easy to see how magnificent and beautiful he is.  He’s not particularly graceful as he waddles along, but his coat is shiny and his markings are stunning.  I guess I’m a little odd to think skunks can be beautiful, but he really is.

Where was I going with that?  No place really.  Just musings as I try to tame my anxiety over whether any of you good folks will grace as with your presence (and dollars!) today.  Yesterday we trudged through mud trying to get some setup done; dodging construction workers who were rushing to finish our space before today.  I can’t say enough about King Township’s support–especially the museum staff and a fellow named Gavin who was supervising the construction.  They have really gone above and beyond.  Kathleen, the curator of the museum, and I have been so stressed these last two weeks, trying to make sure things are where they should be.  She and Caroline have had to deal with my incessant questions and pleas for favors.  They have risen to the occasion with smiles and such wonderful hearts.

It’s going to be a great day.  I hope you’ll join us.