Not much longer!

It’s been pretty intense at Mysteria Central….  Lots of last minute changes and glitches, unexpected challenges, etc, but compared to what John and his family are faced with every day, this has been a walk in the park.

Tere and I did get to visit with John and Michelle yesterday.  It was so good to get hugs!  John is looking tired compared to last I saw him (before diagnosis) but much better than I had anticipated.

I wish I could express how completely good these two people are.  Truly good. You’ll see on Saturday when you meet them!

Marketing continues–some radio stuff, signs and posters up, things like that.  A few more donations should be coming in.  We’ve added a raffle and a rummage sale so if you have something to donate (no clothing, please) or would like to contribute to the bake sale, we’d be most appreciative.

Online ticket sales are up this week, and I’m feeling more confident that we’ll get a reasonable crowd.  Will you be part of it?