Robin Pyatt Bellamy, with John Mizzi if available–12:10

John is our guest of honor. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and because of the effects of the treatments, he’s unable to work and pay bills.  That’s why Mass Mysteria came about.  We just want to help John and his family.

John’s work with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is recognized worldwide.  He has partnered with Dr. Barrie Colvin of the UK in the study as well.  John has appeared as a guest on Blogtalk Radio, FM 103.9 (Toronto), InsideToronto, Zoomer Radio, CBC and other media outlets and has a vast knowledge of EVP collection techniques and evaluation.

Robin Pyatt Bellamy is a professional paranormal researcher, author, and speaker who tours North America.  She has published Haunt Cuisine and Haunted Hospitality (available on Amazon or at the venue) and her next book, Xenoforensics, is due out in the fall.  Media credits include SyFy Investigates, Freak Encounters, CBC, CityTV, Global, Zoomer Radio, Darkness Radio, The Wicked Domain, and others, as well as work with the films White Noise and 30 Ghosts.  Additionally, she is the primary blogger for CFZ-Canada, the Canadian branch of the Centre for Fortean Zoology in the UK.

John and Robin will open the conference with a few words about paranormal research in general.  You can reach John at his facebook page or at mvtms@bell,net


richRichard Dolan-Live via Skype at 1:30

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Richard’s latest work, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, provides a fresh treatment of the entire subject. In it, he discusses the important sightings, the encounters, the politics, the cover-up, ancient aliens, the bizarre science, disclosure, and offers advice on being both critical and open-minded in today’s world. Like his previous three books, it asks fresh questions and offers new insights to further our understanding of the UFO mystery.

 Richard hosts a weekly radio show, The Richard Dolan Show, on KGRA radio, is a frequent guest on Coast-to-Coast AM. He is currently featured on several television series and documentaries, including Ancient Aliens, Hangar One: The UFO Files andClose Encounters.

Prior to his interest in UFOs, Richard completed his graduate work at the University of Rochester, where he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, European history, and international diplomacy. Before that, he had studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, and had been a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship.

But for the past two decades, Richard has been a dedicated student of all things related to UFOs, steadily expanding his interests within that topic from his initial focus on government documents and the cover-up. Now his interests include it all, from the deepest aspects of the coverup, to contact and abduction, the science behind the phenomenon, how the phenomenon has affected world culture, his theory of a breakaway civilization, the possible relationship of artificial intelligence and biotechnology to the UFO phenomenon, and the implications of the end of secrecy, that is, the world After Disclosure.

Today, there is no aspect of the phenomenon Richard won’t study. He continues to look forward to exploring this topic in all its depth, a topic he believes opens our doors of perception, challenging us to see the world differently and more clearly.

In addition to his research, Richard’s company, Richard Dolan Press, actively publishes innovative books by authors from around the world. His website is richarddolanpress.com.

laursen-portraitChristopher Laursen–2pm

Christopher Laursen is a historian who looks at how people have experienced and studied extraordinary things. As a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia, he is reesarching shifting interpretations of the poltergeist phenomenon in the twentieth century. He has written for Fortean Times, the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, the Journal of Scientific Exploration, and Paranthropology, and has articles forthcoming in Ghosts, Spirits, and Psychics: The Paranormal from Alchemy to Zombies, edited by Matt Cardin, and an anthology on the study of religion and the paranormal.
Christopher is a member of the Society for Psychical Research and Parapsychological Association, and is actively involved with the conference series Exploring the Extraordinary. He has presented his research at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and Ireland; researched in archives at Duke University, Cambridge University, and the University of London; and has taught university courses on the history of science, environment, and world history. He completed a Master’s degree at the University of Guelph, including a historical paper on a case from the 1930s of a Hungarian girl who spontaneously began speaking Spanish – a language she had not learned before, as well as the social and cultural context of the novel and film The Exorcist.

In honour of raising funds for John Mizzi’s recovery, Christopher will speak on some highlights of his research work over the past eight years on paranormal history involving observable, physical effects, from xenoglossy to the poltergeist.


NICK REDFERNNick Redfern–live via Skype at 3:30

Nick Redfern is the author of 30 books on UFOs, Bigfoot, lake monsters, the Abominable Snowman, and Hollywood scandals, including Monster Files, Monster Diary, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; Celebrity Secrets; There’s Something in the Woods; Contactees; Final Events; The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies; Science Fiction Secrets; On the Trail of the Saucer Spies; Strange Secrets; and – with fellow Texas-based researcher and author Ken Gerhard – Monsters of Texas. He has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: Fox News; the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; the Space Channel’s Fields of Fear; the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters; Science’s The Unexplained Files; the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural; and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Originally from the UK, Nick lives on the fringes of Dallas, Texas. He can be contacted at his blog, http://nickredfernfortean.blogspot.com

At Mass Mysteria, Nick will be speaking about his many expeditions around Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States in search of the Chupacabra.  He will take questions from the audience as time permits.


Joannaheadshot1Joanna Emery-4:30

Joanna Emery was born in England and raised in Canada.  She has a BA in history but has always been drawn to real-life mysteries and began researching crop circles in 1999.  Joanna volunteered with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) for many years and helped document the phenomenon from her home in southern Ontario.   She has spoken at conferences in both England and Canada. While the main CCCRN website has now been archived (https://cccrn.wordpress.com/), Joanna hopes to continue crop circle research in Canada so any future formation reports can be documented.  She feels that this phenomenon is too important to ignore, and that it speaks to the world in a profoundly beautiful and ethereal way.

Joanna will be speaking on Canadian Crop Circles (including those she has visited in Ontario) as well as the phenomenon in general and hermy personal visits to crop circles in England.  She will be happy to answer questions if time permits.




Dr. Brian Parsons-6pm

Brian D. Parsons has been a paranormal investigator and researcher since 1996 when he founded the Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network. The group became defunct in 2011, but Brian continued the site as an education resource to investigators and clients alike and the site is now known as Ghost Help (GhostHelp.Net). Brian has authored four books on the subject of paranormal group operation. His fourth book, The “E4” Method: Breaking the Mold of Paranormal Investigation, digs into the distinctive approach he blended together from parapsychology, psychical research, psychology, Ghost Excavation© John Sabol, skepticism, and other sources to create a unique client-centered paranormal research methodology.

His fifth book, Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist, digs into the world of hidden or unknown animals. He presents a balanced look at the history and mystery behind these creatures as well as methodologies into investigating them. A review of the book appeared in the New and Notable section of the July/August 2014 edition of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine. His book was also selected by author and renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman as one of the top ten cryptozoology books for 2014. In March of 2015, Brian published a Second Edition of the book which included a foreword by Loren Coleman.

He studied under the Mutual UFO Network‘s Field Investigator’s Manual in 2000 and worked briefly with the organization and still conducts his own investigations into related phenomena. Brian has worked with the Sasquatch Research Initiative (now defunct) and currently with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society investigating Bigfoot and big cat sighting claims. In March 2014, Dr. Brian D. Parsons was named Executive Director of the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association. Dr. Parsons was an original board member of ParaNexus and brings nearly 20 years of experience to his position as Executive Director.

Brian also hosts the Paranormal News Insider segment of the Darkest Hours Late Night (formerly Grand Dark Conspiracy) radio show which appears on Friday nights (1-3 AM Saturday morning eastern). Brian is an occasional co-host along with host Daniel Bautz and fellow co-host Dave Considine. The Darkest Hours Late Night is broadcast live on WQTT 1270 AM in Marysville, Ohio, and WDLR 1550 in Delaware, Ohio, to the Columbus, Ohio metro area. Brian is also the creator of OhioGroups.com, which serves as a listing for Ohio based paranormal groups. The site provides listings for groups as well as clients to see their options for investigators.

Brian has appeared on numerous internet radio shows, at paranormal conferences and conventions, as well as his own events where he speaks on a variety of paranormal and anomalous subjects. He holds a PhD in Metaphysical Science from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science and is a licensed wedding officiant in the state of Ohio. He lives in Twinsburg, Ohio with his wife Amy and their dog Sasha.

Brian’s home page with links to books and all related sites: http://BrianDParsons.com

Brian can be reached at Brian@BrianDParsons.com

Brian will be speaking about the E-4 method at Mass Mysteria.


sabolJohn Sabol- 7pm

John Sabol is an archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, actor, and author. As an archaeologist, he has documented and recorded the manifestations of past soundscapes at haunted ruins. As an actor, he has appeared in many movies, TV series, and educational TV programming, including the Sci-Fi classic, Dune (1984), and the A&E TV series, Paranormal State. He has written 16 books on his fieldwork, methodology, and his personal experiences on location filming, and his work at haunted ruins around the world. He has been a frequent guest on numerous radio and internet talk shows, among them, Beyond the Edge Radio, The Paranormal View, Para X Radio, Blog Talk Radio, The Grand Dark Conspiracy, and Rusty O’Nhiall’s “Mysterious and Unexplained” on PsiFM (Australia). He has also worked on international educational documentaries (in Spain).

He is the director of several documentaries that are accounts of immersions into past ethnographic soundscapes at historic sites now in ruin. In these ruins, he has recorded manifestations of past cultural behavioral fields, including the “culture of war” on several Civil War battlefields and, most recently, coal-mining cultural vestiges and traces of past presence at Centralia, Pennsylvania. He has organized (and played a role in) theatrical “stagings” and “ghostings” at haunted locations which recorded “spiritscape” sites at these haunted locations.

He has developed numerous scripts and storyboards for these documentaries, as part of a “ghost excavation” series of mediated venues. He has presented video clips and audio tracks of these documentaries at various scientific conferences and popular culture expositions in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Upcoming projects include writing, directing, and acting in a documentary about Civil War hauntings along the Mississippi River, and documenting a series of Sasquatch habitation sites in the Southeast U.S.

He is the founder and co-director (along with Mary Becker) of T.H.A.T. (The Haunted Archaeological/Anthropological Theatre) Research Center.  He specializes in “ghost excavations” on American Civil War battlefields and at historic sites containing multiple layers of cultural and ethnic occupations.

John has a M.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology (University of Tennessee), and a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology (Bloomsburg University). He has also attended Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of the Americas (Cholula, Puebla, Mexico), and  studied theatre and method acting in Mexico City.

His IMDb page is www.imdb.com/name/nm1254777/

He can be reached via email at cuicospirit@hotmail.com. His website is: www.ghostexcavation.com. and he can be found on Facebook (“Ghost Excavations with John Sabol” and “Beyond the Paranormal”).    His books are available on www.Amazon.com.


No audio or video recording of the speakers will be permitted.

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