The Aftermath

It took some time to recover, both physically and emotionally.

Huge thanks to all involved–especially the speakers.  You gave so much, so freely and it means more than I can express.

We cleared over a thousand dollars for the Mizzi’s.  Not bad for a first time event!

The Ghost Walk/Excavation was amazing.  We had some evidence show itself and  it will be on this site when possible.  I’ve added a Gallery section for photos so if you have some to share please let  me know (  Full credit will be given!

Would I do it again?  Maybe, if the circumstances were right.  If you are interested in doing a Mass Mysteria in your area please contact me.  It won’t be the same speakers, but I would do everything I can to provide quality academics-based researchers for a serious expo.  Be aware though that these rarely make a profit, so if you’re interested in it for the money, forget it.  Depending on whether you are presenting for private funding or charity, there are lots of ways to at least break even, but it will be a pretty big time and emotion commitment.

Mostly I’m thrilled for John, who seemed to really enjoy his day.  Amazingly, he kept his energy up and was with us from start to finish.

He has been back to the doctor, who has decided on two more full rounds of chemo before going ahead with radiation.  The tumor has shrunk only 2 cm.  But I can tell you, he took this setback with a much better outlook and attitude than I anticipated.  I think it’s because of all of you who showed him he is loved.


More soon,