Vendors and Sponsors

List of vendors and locations

This list is ever-changing….

Motivated Motion Metaphysical Shop

Elsie Leyland, Psychic

South Hills Jewelry

Steeped Tea

Alicja Centre of Well-Being


Brenda Adler, Reiki and Shaman healing

Melody Landsdown, Aura Photography and Tarot Readings








Oddities and Endtities–a table of bake sale, garage sale, and craft items.


List of startup cost sponsors/Donors

Tere Altuna

Brian Parsons

Doug Bellamy

Lucinda Pyatt


Sylvia Niedner

Alex Matsuo

Steve Smiley

Jennifer Sikes

Michelle Altuna

Longos of Maple

Maria Grazia

Dick Fraser

Home Depot of Vaughn

Teresa Modecki



List of large sponsors

Our anonymous donor angel!

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